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Hindus face extinction like river Saraswati, says Togadia

03, Sep 2015

MUMBAI, September 3, 2015
If Muslims give birth to more than two children, it should be made a “punishable criminal offence and ration, jobs and educational facilities should be then stopped for them,” suggests Vishwa Hindu Parishad working president Pravin Togadia.
He said Hindus were in danger of “extinction” and soon might “vanish” just like “river Saraswati and other birds, beautiful/large animals” and species of trees, if the population of Muslims was not checked. In a column published in the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser , Dr. Togadia selectively cited data from various census reports, in particular, the latest one, to allege a theory that there was a “population jihad” in the country. His reference was to a higher growth rate of Muslims in India in comparison to the Hindus.


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