Hindu Ekta rally organised in Faridabad, speakers gave anti-minority speeches, made open calls for economic boycott and genocide Suresh Chavhanke and Jagadguru Paramhansa were a part of this Bajrang Dal organised event

30, Mar 2023 | CJP Team

On March 26, Bajrang Dal leader Bittu Bajrangi organised a Hindu Ekta rally in Faridabad, Haryana, where far-right leaders delivered hate speeches targeting Muslims & Christians. This rally was organised with the aim of spreading hatred and propagating their communally divisive agendas, with open calls for economic boycott and violence being made.

Videos showing clips of the speeches given by JagadguruParamhansa and Sudarshan TV Editor-in-chief, Suresh Chavhanke, were uploaded on social media. In both the speeches, vile, derogatory and offensive statements were uttered against the religious minorities, especially the Muslim community. Organised before Ram Navami, these speeches provided a small insight into the kind of derogatory garbage these extremist are planning to spread.

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Jagadguru Paramhansa’s speech

In his speech, Jagadguru Paramhansa gave open and direct calls for economic boycott and genocidal violence against Muslims. To provoke the Hindu audience, the speaker misappropriated the historical past of India, accused the Muslim community of having committed gory crimes against the Hindu women, and even made misleading remarks about the Kashmir genocide of Hindus. A transcript of the speech given by Jagadguru Paramhansa is as follows:

“This sabha of Faridabad will lead to erasure of Islamabad from the map. People might not know me, but all these jihadis surely know me. I am ready for my own protection and defense, and it is my duty to get other people ready too. We are ready to die for the unity for our country, and we are also ready to kill those who want to divide our country.”(Time Stamp- 0:00- 0:35)

“Even though we are the followers of non-violence, but to kill demons is our primary duty. For all those fighting against the Hindus, I just want to say that we will not strike first, but our counterstrike will be to get you in jail. We do not humiliate anyone, but crores of the Hindu daughters and sisters have been killed by Muslims, they trap them, commit wrong acts with them, and then chop them into pieces.”(Time Stamp- 0:37- 1:16)

“This is why we need to stay united, to protect our Hindus. And I am telling you this, no Christian or Muslim (use of anti-Muslims slur) is not worth of trust. We will not trust any Christian or Muslim because these people put their spit on eatables, or even put their pee on things. They have bad thought in their brains.”(Time Stamp- 1:16- 1:54)

“And this is why, we should not trust any Muslim, not buy any material from them, and not attack them first. But for even one Hindu that is killed, search and kill atleast one lakh such jihadis. Search the corners of this earth and kill one lakh jihadis to show them that we will not just stand while you kill our Hindus. More than a crore of Hindu daughters and sisters have been murdered till now.”(Time Stamp- 1:54- 2:28)

“Nobody wants to talk about Kashmir today. On August 16, 1946, these Muslims had issued ultimatums, had butchered crore Hindus because they did not want to stay with Hindus. Pakistan and Bangladesh because Muslim nations and Hindus are not considered first class citizens. The same should be done in India and it should become a Hindu nation.”(Time Stamp- 2:28- 2:53)

“In 1990, Mughals had done so much in Kashmir. I am not saying all this to provoke you, just narrating what had happened with us. The Maulvis in Kashmir used a mic to announce those Hindus that follow Sanatan Dharam should either leave Kashmir or die, or accept Islam as their religion and turn Muslims. Those who left Kashmir then are still homeless, and those who remained were chopped into 100 pieces. Our sisters and daughters were raped.”(Time Stamp- 2:54- 3:36)

“The population of Hindus is 80%. Through this stage, we urge all the Hindus to take pledge that we have to demand the government to declare India as a Hindu nation and Christians and Muslims should be made to leave. In 2024, we will demand the government.”(Time Stamp- 3:36- 4:01)

“At the time of Ram Mandir in Ayodha I had said that whoever’s predecessor is Lord Ram, we will perform a havan. I am telling you, thousands of Muslims had also brought in their Burkha clad wives and said that our ancestors are also Hindu. And it is a very happy day because 10 crore Muslims and 5 lakh Christians have already contacted me to perform “Gharwaapsi” on them. This is because they have accepted that their ancestors were also Hindus. Slowly we will spread the saffron color in the whole world.”(Time Stamp- 4:02- 4:54)

The video can be viewed here:

Suresh Chavhanke speech

Through this speech, serial hate speaker Suresh Chavhanke gave a derogatory, Islamophobic and hate-filled speech. In a highly publicised, deliberate, malicious and hate-filled speech, Chavhanke peddled conspiracy theories and urged the residents of Faridabad to take action against Muslims so that the district does not see a rise in Muslim population. He also used anti-Muslim slurs and called on factory owner in Faridabad to remove so called “Bangladeshi” workers and ask them for their documents. A transcript of his speech is as follows:

Screams of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” are heard.

“The screams did not even go outside this pandal. The screams should reach the Miyas of Jama Masjid.”

Louder Screams of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” are heard.(Time Stamp- 0:00- 0:18)

“This event is not only being watched by Hindu lions and lionesses, but by many pigs too. And that too not only from Faridabad, but also from Bhagya Nagar, and that is why the message should be clear. In the previous Shobha Yatra, some people had shown naked swords, and even the people in America had gotten scared after seeing those naked swords.” (Time Stamp- 0:19- 0:51)

“And so many of these news media were beating their chests. Now that NDTV belongs to Adani, it might not cry as much now. But we have to take out our swords at the right time only. In Shobha Yatra, some may suffer from cardiac arrests, so many get fear, or somebody’s pants may start hanging loose, so we cannot do the crime of bringing our swords here.”(Time Stamp- 0:51- 1:19)

“This DJ was so loud that even the cars outside were vibrating. We do not have to vibrate our cars, we aim to shake the courage of our enemies. In the whole country, during Shri Ram Shobha Yatra, many jihadis attack us. To give these people a sing, we hold the Faridabad rally first. Through the show of the courage of the ones who are here, we hold this yatra first and let the ones who attack us know.”(Time Stamp- 1:22- 2:04)

“It is such a sad situation, be it our rally for our New Year, rally for our Lord Ram, or rally for Hanuman Jayanti, stones are pelted at us. Now some people, who throw stones, are given such values and upbringing. But these people should remember that we are the army of those who stopped the world from being engulfed in the storm of Islam, and still remain Hindu even after the passing of thousand years.”(Time Stamp- 2:04- 2:33)

“I am back from the 6 day yatra in Mumbai. At one place, Navnath Temple and Machindranath temple have been captured by them. They have locked the Machindranath temple and given it a name of some Miya.I had gone there, more than 1000 police officers were there. Then, I said that if the lock is not opened with 5 minutes, we will break it. And as soon the 5 minutes were over, we broke the lock and freed the temple.”(Time Stamp- 2:34- 3:11)

“I had also appealed there that if your ancestors also came to this temple, which is older than Islam itself, what will you achieve by locking it up or putting cement on it? Instead of changing the name of your God, it is better that you return to us and correct your mistake, we will accept you. It is worrisome that Faridabad, a city which finds the roots of Pandavs in its past, is on the verge of losing its characteristic.”(Time Stamp- 3:12- 3:48)

“Illegal Bangladeshi migrants are getting settled here. In a lot of factories here, Bangladeshi are working here. I urge all the factory owners to keep in mind that though these Bangladeshis might work for cheaper prices, but this will cost you more in the end. Thus, through this 7thShobhaYatra, the unified Hindus are appealing those factor owner, who pay so much tax to the government that they should not wait for the country to bring in NRC, they should start NRC within their own factories.”(Time Stamp- 3:48- 4:30)

“You should ask for documents. Only after asking for documents did we get to know that the Madrassa that they claimed to be 700 years old, was false. In Nashik, Peshwa had built a temple for Ganapati, and it was 300 years old. When I went to a Sabha in Nashik, some Hindus said that the Madrassa there is 4 times bigger than the temple. When I reached the Madrassa, we got to know that no one is sleeping inside it, and they have made a mazhar.” (Time Stamp- 4:30- 5:13)

“First they kept 4 bricks, and kept expanding it. They turned it into some structure, named it into something. And today, a mazhar bigger than this pandal is standing there. The temples of Hindus are being captured and land jihad is being committed. How come mazhars bigger than the temples are present?” (Time Stamp- 5:13- 5:36)

“Your neighboring district is Mewad. Will we let Faridabad turn into Mewad? What is happening in Mewad today will also happen in Faridabad if we do not wake up and act. No one will be able to save Faridabad then.” (Time Stamp- 5:36- 5:59)

The video can be viewed here:

Chavhanke and Jagadguru Paramhansa have repeatedly made such statements that are communal, divisive, and incendiary and amount to hate speeches, with the knowledge that such incendiary remarks would have the propensity to stoke communal tensions and also instigate violence. All this suggests that he has no respect for either the law or the plural culture of India. Chavhanke, in his speech, also spoke of other instances when violence was instigated by the far-right goons, even in the presence of police. Till now, no action has been taken against either of them.

Image Courtesy: Twitter


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