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Hindu cop slammed for bigotry fasts every Ramzan

12, Jul 2015

Sujata Patil’s Poem On Azad Maidan Rioters Was Panned
Sujata Patil, senior police Inspector at Kherwadi police station, Bandra East, liberally uses terms like mureed (disciple), ziyarat (visits to holy shrines) and wazu (ablutions before prayers) when she interacts with a Muslim. But it is not only terms associated with Islam that she is familiar with; this Maharashtrian Hindu police officer reveals she has fasted every Ramzan in the last 25 years.
Waking up at around 4 in the morning for sehri, the pre dawn light meal, and breaking the fast with iftar in the evening, Patil follows a routine in this Ramzan too, which is ending on July 18. “This has become a routine for me now.Like any other Muslim, I eagerly await the holy month’s arrival,“ says Patil, seated at her ground floor office where a visitor confirms to TOI about the officer’s fast.


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