Hateful slogan mars celebration in Madhya Pradesh An offensive slogan is shouted by a group of men in the video during a Rang Panchami celebration

14, Mar 2023 | CJP Team

A video has been making rounds on the internet, showing a group of men celebrating Rang Panchami in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. While the festival is a time of joy and colour, the atmosphere in the video is marred by a hateful slogan being shouted by the group.

(Trigger warning: Abusive Language)
The video may be viewed here:

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The slogan, “Teer maro taan ke, Mullo ki g#*d pe“,” is deeply offensive and discriminatory. It is disturbing to see such hatred being spread during a time that is supposed to be about spreading love and happiness. Roughly translated it means, “Shoot the arrow with resolve, on the backside of Muslims (derogatory term used for Muslims).”

While it is easy to dismiss this incident as a one-off, it is crucial to acknowledge that such incidents are not isolated. This is particularly concerning given the current climate of religious and political tension in India.

As we celebrate festivals like Rang Panchami (Holi), let us remember the true spirit of the occasion – spreading love, joy, and unity. Let us reject hate and division, and strive towards building a society that is truly inclusive and accepting of all.


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