Hate Watch: Muslim man killed, woman’s eyes gouged for stopping men from drinking alcohol The men allegedly belong to the Thakur community

13, Mar 2023 | CJP Team

A Muslim man shot, a woman’s eyes gouged out and a 9-month-old baby was slammed on the ground, all for stopping some men from drinking alcohol in front of a puncture shop. This gut wrenching incident has been reported from UP’s Jaunpur, Sujanganj police station area (Lohinda village) on March 7 when both Holi and Shab-e-baraat (night of forgiveness) was celebrated . 

As per a video posted on Facebook by the editor of Times news 24, some men from the Thakur community came up to the shop called “Kamal jamal puncturewala” and sat on the bonnet of the car outside the shop. Thus, Kamal stopped them from doing so and moved the car and some argument and altercation followed but the situation was normalised. However, the reaction came later when 15-20 men allegedly from Thakur community, went to the house of Kamal and allegedly fired at him, thus killing him, while mercilessly beating a woman with the butt of the gun where her eyes were gouged out, nose was broken and threw the 9-month baby on the floor, causing her ear to bleed. Three more from the family are also injured in this assault.

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People from the village, presumably from Muslim community, sat on a dharna demanding “bulldozer action” against the culprits. They also demanded a government job for a family member and 1 crore compensation.

A local news report from a channel called Azamgarh Express showed the woman replete with plasters on her face and the 9-month old baby as well. The reporter confirmed the news. As per the report, out of the 4 accused, two have been wanted criminals (Sujit and Sunny). As per the nephew of the deceased, the culprits are Sunny Singh, Vicky Singh, Sujit Singh and Toofani Singh, as per their knowledge. He said that they are not satisfied with just arrests of the accused and demand proper inquiry.


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