Hate Offender: Deepak Sharma’s Hate Speeches have gone unchecked so far Is the self proclaimed Hindutva ‘leader’ seeking political attention in poll-bound UP?

13, Jan 2022 | CJP Team

Hate speech maker Deepak Sharma, a self proclaimed Hindutva ‘leader’ was last in the news in January 2021, when he “demanded” an “anti-blasphemy” law. Sharma was “upset” by the makers of web series Tandav, and threatened them with a literal Tandav or “dance of destruction” by devotees of Shiva.

He claimed it had hurt religious sentiments and threatened, “अगर भोले के भक्त “तांडव” पे उतरे तो वो तांडव तुमसे झेला न जाएगा – जिहादियों सहमत – RT.” This translates into, “If devotees of Shiva start dancing the Tandav, or the dance of destruction, you jihadis (he means Muslims) will not be able to bear it.” This open threat got a massive response from communal hate spreades, hundreds of whom asked for the murder of Muslims, who they abuse as ‘jihadis’.

Deepak Sharma calls himself a “journalist” and “Nationalist !! Son Of Bharat Mata !! Political Thinker”. He is a “founder” of an organisation named Rashtriya Swabhiman Dal (RSD). Now that state assembly elections are looming, he feels extra punctuation gets him closer to that aim to protect the interests of “Hindu dharma and the nation.” He also claims to be a “FreeLance Reporter !! Interior Designer By Profession”. However, online, his job is to be a full time hate monger. He joined Twitter only in February 2020 and already has over 1,65,000 followers, like the rest of the twitter troll army leaders. He is a popular face in the right-wing social media circuits and is based in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh according to the Police but maintains that he hails from Jaipur to allegedly mislead the police and public.

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Sharma’s latest rant as wannabe Hindutva hero is about the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, perhaps he is hoping for a ticket from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and on his debut Facebook page has been targeting all those who are in opposition. “I am a brahmin and I support bhagwa and bhagwa dhari (saffron and those who wear saffron clothes,” he says, and goes on to share what he believes are ‘Hindutva facts’, like how Hindi and hindi kingdom ranged from kashmir to kanyakumari etc. In this video he canvases for the BJP government, and praising ‘encounters’ he claims have been ordered by “Maharaj yogi Adityanath”. He continues praising incumbent Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath, asking that his “message reach far and wide” to all nationalists to come and vote for his favourite party. “I will do a freelance campaign everyday,” for “bulldozer baba” as he fondly refers to Adityanath adding “his chest too is 56 inches.”

He may sound like a man desperately seeking attention of the BJP leadership now, and hoping to get a political boost in his ‘career’ he has been at his hate speech campaign for years now. In 2018, CJP’s Hate Watch team analysed his acts of disruption and his hate speeches in Uttar Pradesh to expose his many avatars. Even back then, he had as much hate for Muslims as he does now. He has tried to offer Hindu prayers at Taj Mahal, verbally abused Muslims in his video rants, and tried his hand at poetry seeking “another Godhra”. Watch his past report card here which exposes how the mother of Shivam Vashisht, one of his associates who was killed in an accident, sees Sharma. “He is a traitor, he made money in my son’s name after his death… I didn’t know he was such a low life,” she says.

As SabrangIndia and team CJP track, verify, every hate video, whatsapp forward, hate speech and those spreading hatred in India, more instances of hate offences by those inspired by the likes of Deepak Sharma surface each day. All because while he may not have got a party ticket to contest elections so far, his communal speeches, communal acts have all gone unchecked so far.


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