Hate Buster: Harsha Jingade’s sister does not support calls to boycott Muslim businesses Ashwini has repeatedly appealed for communal harmony

02, Mar 2022 | CJP Team

Communal tensions persist in Shivmogga, Karnataka, despite the arrest of 10 persons for the alleged murder of Bajrang Dal member Harsha Jingade. In their “demand for justice”, right-wing elements are egging people to boycott Muslim businesses against their will – in particular Harsha’s sister, Ashwini.

On March 1, 2022, journalist Imran shared a video where Ashwini can be seen weeping, surrounded by a group of people who are taking a pledge to stop dealing with Muslim business establishments. At one point, the man standing next to her tries to pull her hand and make her join the oath. However, she retracts her hand.



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According to the Indian Express, 10 people – Abdul Roshan, Jafar Sadique, Feroz Pasha, Abdul Khadar, Mohammed Kashif, Syed Nadeem, Afsifullah Khan, Rihan, Nihan and Abdul Afnan – were arrested on February 26. Authorities hoped that this would calm tensions down a bit. However, extremist elements continue to demand justice for Harsha while curiously pointing fingers at the hijab row as the cause of the murder. Already, the police had emphasised that the death has nothing to do with the hijab controversy in schools. To ensure that the situation remains peaceful, the district administration extended prohibitory orders in Shivmogga until February 28, hoping that the tension will die down by then.

In the aftermath of Jingade’s death, and even during his funeral, widespread violence and rioting was reported from across the city. Civilians, photojournalists were injured and public property was set on fire. Muslim residential areas witnessed stone-pelting.

In all this chaos, it is Harsha’s sister who has repeatedly asked people to maintain peace and order. According to TV9 Kannada, she appealed to people on February 25 by saying, “I beg you to keep the peace. Think of your household. Calm down. Harsha has died for the country. Hindus and Muslims are all human beings. It hurts everyone, everybody bleeds.”

Before this, she expressed the same sentiment of communal harmony around February 22. She publicly requested people not to engage in violent behaviour. Speaking to local news channels, she said, “Chanting Hindu, Hindutva, my brother fell to this stage. Kindly once have a look. I ask all my brothers, with folded hands, I ask Hindus and Muslims too, be a good child to your parents. Don’t do this.”

Around this time, BJP Yuva Morcha President Tejasvi Surya visited the Harsha’s family. Calling it an act of “terror”, he urged the Chief Minister to prosecute the accused under the UAPA Act although the police had told the media that the matter appeared to spark from a personal issue.

Harsha was a tailor and actively involved in Bajrang Dal and VHP activities. According to Deccan Herald, he also allegedly put up a social media post verbally abusing another religion. He faced a complaint, lodged in the Doddapet police station and allegedly received threatening calls. The local media says the accused chased the victim in a car and attacked him with weapons.

Image Courtesy:  Prasthutha News


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