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Gujarat right wing groups set Mumbai-bound qurbani goats free

26, Sep 2015

Sep 25 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Eram Agha
Aligarh Sellers Suffer `1.5cr Loss
Shamim, who has been rearing goats for the past 30 years is teary-eyed this Bakri Eid -he has lost 22 of his goats and suffered a loss of Rs 7.5 lakh. He along with 19 others from Charra village in Aligarh rear Qurbani goats for selling them in Mumbai. Every year, they borrow money and make a three-day road trip to Mumbai along with their goats in trucks with halts in MP and Gujarat.
This year, however, they were accosted by right wing groups and attacked in Dahod (Gujarat). According to goat sellers, the activists released all their goats and took them to cops who kept them in custody for two days. Some people who knew them because of their annual trip offered help and shelter. The goat sellers returned to Aligarh on Wednesday , and approached SP MLA Haji Zameer Ullah, who wrote to the Union home ministry and PMO seeking their intervention in the matter.


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