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Gopesh’s wife returned home for a while to finish Shakha-Sindoor’s part Samoik Prasanga

21, Dec 2020

What a cruel episode of life! In the intricacy of the document she could not prove her connection with her father, that’s why the foreigner badge is sitting next to her name. Since then her place has been in detention camp. Husband Gopesh Das was disturbed to see the middle-aged woman living in the prison’s dark hell. His wife’s pain has devastated him at every moment. Gopesh finally drowned in the depth of death in his sleep last Tuesday night. Three days after her husband’s death, Amala Das was released from the Kokrajhar detention camp only once for three hours and returned to her dilapidated house. The Shakha of her two hands must be broken and the Sindoor of her forehead must be wiped! She has to wear the garb of a widow in the rush of the state law of foreign selection. Being in the D-camp, the Shakha were not broken according to the Hindu religion, nor was the Sindoor erased. That’s why she returned home for a short time.
When she returned home, she was surrounded by neighbors. A word of consolation on everyone’s face. With that, is the stone of pain stuck in the chest moved even a hair! Sitting on the doorstep of the house, the slender-looking Amala cried out in agony. She could not see the man for the last time. Everyone in Bamunijhara village of Bijni in Chirang district knows Amala as Abala. No one in her life could have imagined that the sky could break like this. Hindu heart emperor on the throne of the country. Even in the state, the Hindu-friendly government in the throne of power! The government is known to be sympathetic to the Hindu Bengalis. Yet the Bengali Hindu Amala has to sit on the floor of her house and cry loudly and said- “After killing my husband, this government will have peace only after killing me. The government finished my everything.” Amala even doesn’t know what CAA is. Just a little hope, like the others, that there is a Hindu compassionate government. Nothing will happen to her with the slightest mistake on paper. She has broken that mistake by losing her husband. That is why Amala is wailing And cursing the government. Her husband is dead. The condition of the detention camp is so bad that she may not survive long. She too will die leaving her children alone. Amala was crying and saying to herself, “this government will have peace only after killing me. The government finished my everything.”
Last Wednesday Zamser Ali and Nanda Ghosh, the tireless fighters of Citizens for Justice & Peace (CPJ), wanted to show the face of  husband Gopesh by bringing Amala from the detention camp for one day. After running all day, the green signal came from the government in the evening. Elephants are continue roam on her way home from Kokrajhar, so Zamser and Nanda did not take the risk of taking her home that day. Amala was sent home for the day only on Saturday. After undergoing various legal procedures, she was brought home to break her Shakha and wipe the Sindoor of her forehead. Zamser said that Amala was taken back to the Kokrajhar detention camp in the afternoon. If she is kept at home at night, there may be legal trouble again. She was imprisoned for twenty months. After four months, conditional bail can be applied. If she spends one night outside the D-camp before that, she will end up in continuous captivity. In that case, if there is a legal problem in the bail application process, the return to Amala’s house will be delayed. So she was sent back to the D-camp after explaining all this. On the other hand, Nanda was saying, I don’t know how many people’s conscience will be moved by Amala’s cry. The unhealthy food in the detention camp, the only source of sleep, with a blanket, Amala has lived a miserable life with only one hope, one day she will return to her full family. With the pain of breaking that hope, Amala went back to the detention camp with tears in her eyes.



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