From Nashik to the country’s capital, violent hate speech goes unchecked Unchecked hate speech escalates from Nashik to the nation's capital

01, Nov 2023 | CJP Team

Illustrating the rising number of hate speech, disturbing visuals of communal speech from Nashik, Maharashtra, to the country’s capital New Delhi have come to the fore. Organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Durga Vahini, Hanuman Sena, Hindu Mahasabha and other organisations, these gatherings served as a platform for speakers to deliver divisive and incendiary speeches targeting the Muslim and Christian communities. 

Nashik, Maharashtra

During an event on October 28, organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and attended by the Durga Vahini, speakers delivered divisive speeches targeting the Muslim and Christian communities. The Durga Vahini is an organisation often seen as the female counterpart of the hard-line organisation Bajrang Dal. It was established in 1991 under Sadhvi Rithambara and with the support of the VHP. 

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“Women wanted to organise themselves. That’s why I have been working on love-jihad since 2013 to solve different cases of love-jihad. Since then, it has been important for women to reach a solution on this issue. For instance, we must think how we can take care of these girls, and how we can save them by trying out different methods, such as classes on ‘bravery training and using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Creating awareness among women is crucial. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Matrushakti, and Durga Vahini are working to empower women similarly. I will explain the details of our work later, but through this work, the women of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad will ensure the safety of their daughters. To provide you with some information, more than 150 cases have come to light in Nashik so far. We want to continue these activities with all these women. The next point is that the Mahishasur Mardini Stotra is fine, but why is this Kesari shawl given to Kesari (saffron) girl? The Bhagwa shawl is the colour of our religion, our valour, so why shouldn’t we use it? When I tried the first one, I realised that nobody uses it. The Bhagwa shawl is not available in the stores even. In the morning, after opening this parcel, I tried it first. Tell all the girls in your house to use it every day. It makes a big difference. In the market if one sees a girl wearing the Bhagwa shawl, people will find out how kattar she is. 

When you go home, tell your college-going daughters that from tomorrow she will wear this Bhagwa shawl daily. She will surely refuse. This is because we haven’t ingrained in their minds from a young age what the importance of Kesari (saffron) is and how important it is in our Maharashtra. After the bloodshed of our ancestors, we have received this Bhagwa and this is a symbol of our Hindu faith.”

Another woman speaker at the event, spoke “I will take on the role of protecting the dharma. On the auspicious day of Gokulashtami, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was established for the protection of religion. After the country gained independence, a huge number of religious conversions were carried out by Christian missionaries. Cow slaughter became widespread, and Hindus were greatly troubled. To address these issues, the VHP was founded to protect dharma. At that time, people from different backgrounds came together. In 1968, a huge meeting of saints took place in Udupi, where discussions were held on how to further the work of VHP. In that Udupi meeting, a great statement was made: हिंदू: सोद्रस: सर्वे, न हिंदू पतितो भवेत्। मम दीक्षा हिंदू: रक्षा, मम मंत्र: समानता. This means that all Hindus are equal, and no one is impure, protecting all Hindus is my duty.”

Shastri Park, New Delhi

Reportedly, on October 28 in Shastri Park, New Delhi, Hindu Mahasabha leader Ravendra Diwedi delivered an inflammatory speech targeting the Muslim community. During his address, he made disturbing remarks, calling for violence and the demolition of mosques. The video was uploaded on X on October 30, 2023. 

“Those who speak against this nation, and those who speak of ending Hindus, we oppose them and will continue to oppose and will try to make our nation a Jihad-free country. In the past one and half years, there has been a concentrated nationwide campaign to make India a Hindu Rashtra. This is echoing in the lanes of the Union Government. Our goal is that the number of temples broken by the Mughals to make temples, the Hindu Mahasabha has made an appeal to break all those mosques and make temples. And the day this happens, that day we will realise and feel that we are free – free from the shackles of the Mughal-kaal (Era). We have to erase every sign of the Mughal kaal…One thing is necessary, Hindu Samaj and Hindu religion will not be safe until these (infiltrators) are thrown out. You go to jails! 90% of the prisoners belong to these Jihadi people. We need freedom from them. Those who create Jihadi thought in these schools run by Muslims, these schools should be shut and it is imperative because these schools give training for Jihadis, and there onwards they do Lovejihad, Land jihad, throw stones at Shoba Yatras etc…By means of Yogi Adityanathji, this has been initiated in Uttar Pradesh.”

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, on as recorded on October 25, Amit Chaudhary, the leader of the BJP’s youth wing, made a statement alleging that Prime Minister Modi was responsible for the Godhra massacre for the sake of Hindus. What’s even more alarming is his threat of genocidal violence, where he asserted that the Hanuman Sena would take the lives of 10 “jihadis” (in reference to Muslims) for every Hindu.

“In 2014, this land was reclaimed by the Hindus by making PM Modi win elections and make this country’s head. This is such a PM, who did the Godhra Carnage for Hindus. We should keep in mind that the Hindu has awakened but is not yet “kattar”. We need to be Kattar to fight these rakshas and kattarpanthis. Hanuman Sena is that which fights on the ground, we have prepared your yodha (warriors) so well that they are available in any area of Agra in case of any danga (riot), than you will realise that in the place of every one Hindu, 10s of Jihadis would be destroyed by the Hanuman Sena…Hanuman Sena works on ground – to give a befitting reply to Kattarpanthi. Maharaj ji if you give one indication, we will tear those stairs, and take Krishna Bhagwan’s statue and take it to Mathura on our own.”


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