Foreigner! Bankura youth in Assam jail for 4 years Anandabazar Patrika

19, Sep 2021

Gangadhar Pramanik, a young man from Bishnupur in Bankura, went to Assam in the hope of finding a way to earn a living. Didn’t get job, got imprisonment instead! In 2017, the Assam Border Branch police sent Gangadhar’s name to the foreigners tribunal as a suspicious foreigner. Gangadhar could not have imagined that he would suddenly stand in a court as a ‘Bangladeshi’ in a neighboring state within his own country. So he did not keep the original voter card and Aadhaar card with him. Not only do you have to show documents to the foreign tribunal, you have to prove your Indianness by presenting witnesses. That was not possible for Gangadhar. So, Gangadhar was declared foreign by a unilateral verdict of the court and detained in Goalpara detention camp from December 12, 2017. After finding no trace of Gangadhar, the parents assumed that their boy was missing.
After receiving the news of Gangadhar from the two detenus released from the detention camp, Citizens for Justice & Peace went to fight the case on his behalf. In that time Corona chapter came. Detainees who complete two-year in detention camps have been released on parole under the Supreme Court and High Court. But the necessary condition was to appear at the nearest police station and arrange for two bailors.
CJP Assam State Coordinator Nanda Ghosh said they could find out by contacting Gangadhar’s house that his father had already died. Mother lives in sister’s house. Mother and sister cried anxiously when they got the news of Gangadhar is alive. The CJP arranged the bailor. But need to find out three different bailors. Permission was obtained from the Foreigners Tribunal that Gangadhar would appear regularly at Bishnupur Police Station from now on. The 33-year-old Gangadhar was released from the detention camp today after overcoming all obstacles on his way to release on bail.They are travelling to  taking him to Bankura. After taking Gangadhar home to Radhanagar tomorrow, Nanda will speak to Bishnupur police station and finalize the weekly attendance as per the decision of the Assam court. However, Gangadhar, who is happy to return home, was not informed that his father is no more.


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