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Extremely Wicked and Shockingly Vile: Social media abuzz with note claiming CJP is anti-NRC NRC authority issues clarification, claims it has nothing to do with its creation or circulation of said note

21, Aug 2019 | CJP Team

For the last few days a note is being circulated on Whatsapp groups claiming that Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) and its secretary Teesta Setalvad are against the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and are engaging in anti-national activities. However, the NRC authority has clarified that it has nothing to do with the offensive note.

The note appears to be a PDF copy of a document and bears the official logo and brand image of the NRC authority. It includes names of CJP secretary Teesta Setalvad and CJP’s Assam program coordinator Zamser Ali. The objective of the note appears to be to incite ill will and possibly even violence against those named.

Over four million people have been left out of the NRC draft, most of them from socio-economically backward communities. Now CJP, drawing from its previous experience in providing legal aid in Gujarat, will step in with a  multi-faceted team of lawyers and volunteers to ensure that these people receive a fair chance while filing claims across 18 of the worst affected districts. Your contribution can help cover the costs of a legal team, travel, documentation and technological expenses. Please donate generously here.

But, alarmed at the misuse of its logo and brand for such a despicable purpose, the NRC authority has issued a clarification categorically stating that it has absolutely nothing to do with the extremely wicked and shockingly vile note. The clarification says, “It has come to the notice of the NRC authority that a document naming some journalists as being involved in anti-NRC propaganda is being circulated in social media etc. from around 17th August 2019. On this matter, it is clarified that NRC authority has nothing to do with its creation or circulation.”

The clarification may be viewed here:

It is however, noteworthy that there are more than one such document in circulation, all of which appear to have mischievously misused the NRC logo and brand. While CJP secretary Teesta Setalvad and Assam program coordinator Ali Zamser find their names in the list of anti-NRC journalists, there are two more dossiers specifically targeting CJP’s work in the state and singling out Teesta Setalvad. The only purpose behind such documents is to generate hate and suspicion against people engaging in humanitarian work and possibly even provoke people to act against them.

CJP wishes to reiterate that we do not oppose the NRC process in any way and that our work is aimed at helping genuine Indians defend their citizenship in Assam. This smear campaign notwithstanding, we will remain committed to our objective of helping and empowering Indian citizens of Assam.

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