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Establishing the Chain of Command Responsibility Vital to Prove Conspiracy and Complicity in Massacres

07, Jun 2017

Overwhelming Evidence Of The Direct Involvement Of The Gujarat Government In The Violence That Engulfed The State From February 2002 On

Establishing the Chain of Command Responsibility Vital to Prove Conspiracy and Complicity in Massacres

Ashok Bhatt – Jaideep Patel

Ashok Bhatt then Health Minister in 2002 is in conversation with VHP Gujarat general Secretary Dr Jaideep Patel now accused of murder in the Naroda Patia and Gaam cases

Govardhan Zadaphiya –Jaideep Patel

Then MOS Home Govardhan Zadaphiya show him to be in touch with both Jaideep Patel and Dinesh Togadia, brother of Praveen Togadia and Manager of the Dhanvantri Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Amit Shah – PC Pande and Shivanand Jha

Amit Shah later to become MOS Home and then Chairman of the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank was in touch with Shivanand Jha that day ( Besides, Dr Maya Kodnani (then MLA and later Minister for Women and Child Welfare when she was arrested in 2009) and Minister Kaushik Jamnadas Patel were in touch with Jha.

DCP Zone IV PB Gondia – Dr Maya Kodnani MLA, Jaideep Patel, both accused of Mass Murder and Criminal Conspiracy in the Naroda Gaam and Patia Cases

DCP Zone IV PB Gondia was in touch with h Dr Maya Kodnani, Jaideep Patel and Nimesh Patel.

First PI Meghaninagar KG Erda, Meghaninagar, First PI KK Mysorewala in touch with Kodnani and Patel

First PI Meghaninagar KG Erda was among others also in touch with Dr Maya Kodnani and Nimesh Patel

First PI Naroda KK Mysorewala was in touch with Dr Maya Kodnani, Jaideep Patel among others. His phone call records show relatively few phone calls recorded that day.

Meghaninagar Police Station Logs only Two Calls on 28.2.2002

The Two Police station Numbers for Meghaninagar Police station that was the Police Station where the Gulberg Society was located has recorded just two phone calls from mobile phones in the whole day that day. 

BJP President Rajendra Singh Rana in close touch with Kodnani and Patel

BJP State President, Rajendrasingh Rana is also in touch with both Dr Maya Kodnani and Jaideep Patel that day.

Accused to Accused: Close Contact on 28. 2. 2002

Naroda Patia and Gulberg Accused are in Close Touch

  1. i)     The Individual Graphs of the Phone call Analysis also show that those Accused of Violence in the Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gaam Massacres (like Babu Bajrangi) and Atul Vaidya (Gulberg Society) were in touch with each other. Analysis of the Records for 28.2.2002 show that Bajrangi was in touch with Atul Vaidya, Jaideep Patel, Naresh Bhatia and Govind Patel.

Accused in Touch with Cops

  1. i)   Maya Kodnani (then MLA) was in touch with Police Officers DCP Jebalia and Gondia, Additional CP Shivanand Jha, PI Meghaninagar KG Erda, Deputy Prime Minister and then Union Home Minister LK Advani’s office, Dinesh Togadia (Manager of Dhanvantri Hospital, brother of Praveen Togadia), co-accused Jaideep Patel and Nimesh Patel.

iii) Atul Vaidya accused in the Gulberg Society Massacre was in touch with VHP leaders Kamlesh Agarwal, Ajaysingh Balisatarsingh Rajput, Dinesh Bhoidas Patel and Babu Bajrangi.

  1. iv)  Nimesh Patel was in touch with Mayabehn Kodnani and DCP PB Gondia.




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