Escalating violence sparks concerns as attacks targeting Christians surge in Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh sees Christian community protest as the Bajrang Dal continues to accuse them of religious conversion

14, Mar 2024 | CJP Team

In February, in Durg, Chhattisgarh, members of the Bajrang Dal reportedly assaulted pastors after accusing them of religious conversions. The episode sparked outrage within the Christian community and protests took place demanding police intervention. In a video released by the Hate Detectors on February 15 on the social media site, X, the pastors can be seen injured at the hospital. Similarly, on March 3 the Bajrang Dal again attempted to reportedly create a ruckus outside a church in Durg. The incident took place on Sunday, which is a day when prayers and congregation were taking place in the Church. The Bajrang Dal members arrived that day and rallied accusations at the church asserting that conversions were being carried out in the church, they also started chanting “Jai Shri Ram” slogans outside the church. The police reached the scene and nearly a dozen people were injured in the stone pelting and assault with sticks that took place, according to ABP Live. The Bajrang Dal also gave a warning against religious conversions. 

Speaking to IAN 24, local media, Bajrang Dal members can be seen asking for the demolition of the Church, “This is our work, where the Hindu Samaj’s population is more, and we will stop conversion (of Hindus) there. To stop the ‘love jihad’ and conversion of our Hindu sisters is also our duty.” The police have stated that they received information about a huge gathering of people in the area, after which the police reached there and handled the situation. The police have also said that they are conducting an inquiry and preparing to identify people via the CCTV footage available. 

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Christians in the area gathered and spoke against the incident. One individual spoke to the KP News in a report from March 4, saying, “Aaradhna was going on in the Church. The Bajrang Dal people came to the Church and were doing a lot of ruckus. We were standing there to protect our people. The police came and tried to separate the people. The Bajrang Dal were asking for the Church to shut down. Who has given them the right to ask that?” Several of the people at the gathering showed their injuries to the reporter that they incurred on Sunday. 

Another lady says that stone pelting started from the ‘other side’, “Secondly, if Bajrang Dal says we are converting people, who has given them the licence to enter the Church and beat up people. If they have the authority, then what are the police and administration for? We have been hearing such cases from all over in Chhattisgarh of Bajrang Dal entering Churches and accusing Christians of religious conversion.” She further continues, that if Bajrang Dal has concerns about religious conversion, they can come with police and proper proof.

A news report by KP News interviews right-wing Hindutva members, who tell the reporter, “Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been very successful country wide (in preventing religious conversion). We have been given information (soochna) from above, the Centre, to stop religious conversion regardless of whether the administration does it or not.” He continues saying Bajrang Dal members are given instructions to take sticks with them, “They must not get beaten up and come, but must beat and come.”

Chhattisgarh has witnessed several attacks by right-wing Hindutva organisations like Bajrang Dal against Christians. As per a report by the United Christian Forum, Chhattisgarh saw the second highest number of attacks against Christians in the country in 2023, with Uttar Pradesh coming first. 


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