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Eid, Ganpati come together at Kopar Khairane pandal

26, Sep 2015

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NAVI MUMBAI: Setting an example of communal harmony, a Kopar Khairane Ganpati mandal made room for the Muslims residents of the area got space to offer namaaz on Eid.
This year, the Muslim community decided not to offer namaaz on the road, following the curbs on the dahi handi mandals and Ganeshotsav celebrations on roads ordered by the high court.
Friday saw the Muslim community offering namaaz on the ground at Sector 10 in Kopar Khairane which has a Ganeshotsav pandal.
There are many Muslims at Sector 10. They use the grounds in the sector, twice in a year for Eid prayers.
This year, Ganeshotsav mandal had already come up on the ground.
Local Muslim community leaders Ahmed Pirzade, Karimbahi, Shafi Bhau and Abdul Miyan met the organisers of the Ganeshotsav mandal — BJP leader Vaibhav Naik and local Shiv Sena corporator Ramdas Pawle.


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