Congress, human rights bodies decry Modi’s ‘hate speech’, write to ECI

23, Apr 2024

Hyderabad: The HRF (Human Rights Forum), TPCC (Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee) and Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ) in a letter to the chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar, demanded action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging action over his alleged hate speech directed towards the Muslim minorities, delivered at Banswara in Rajasthan on April 21.

Modi in his speech alleged that Congress has joined hands with the urban naxals, and promised a survey of the property, wealth and gold including the ‘mangalasutras’ of women to distribute them among Muslims. Further, he cited former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh that the “first right to the country’s resources should go to the minorities.”

“Tum use chhinane ki baat kar rahe ho apne manifesto mein. Gold le lenge, aur sabko vitrit kar denge. Aur pehele jab unki sarkar thi to unhone kaha tha, ki desh ki sampatti par pehela adhikar Musalmano ka hai. Iska matlab, ye sampatti ikhatti karke kisko batenge…..jinke jyada bacche hai unko batenge…Ghuspaithiyo ko batenge. Kya apki mehenat ki kamayi ka paisa ghuspaithiyo ko diya jayega….Apko manzur hai ye…” reads an excerpt from the speech delivered by Modi in Banswara.

The English translation reads, “You [Congress] are referring to grabbing of that [gold and property] in your manifesto…They will take the gold and distribute it to all. When their [Congress] government was there, they had said that Muslims have the first right over the country’s property. Whom they [Congress] will distribute to after accumulating the property? They will give to people who have more children … will your hard earned money be given to infiltrators… Do you accept it?

He further accused the Congress party of attempting to take away women’s gold which he stated was about their ‘self-respect’ and ‘life’s dream.’

The HRF has alleged that the speech constituted a blatant violation of the Representation of the People’s Act and the Model Code of Conduct.

Alleging that the prime minister “deliberately attempted to create communal tension in the country in the interests of his political ends” AICC member, and chairman of Congress’ election commission coordination committee, G Niranjan, also wrote to the ECI.

“The above utterances made by Shri Narendra Modi is against the Constitution and also against the pledge taken by him at the time of his swearing-in as Prime Minister,” the complaint read.

Addressing media at the Gandhi Bhavan on Monday, former union minister Renuka Chowdhury said that nobody had the courage to touch her mangalsutra, and accused Modi of hating Hindus through and insulting women .

“The prime minister of the country is spreading such harted by saying that Muslims will take away the mangalsutras of Hindu women. There are Muslims who have saved us, who grew up with us,” she said, expressing hope to see some action from the election commission against Modi.

The CJP’s complaint highlighted that the speech contained offensive remarks against the Muslim community, which they described as targeted and divisive. They pointed out that such language could create a polarized voting environment and go against the principles of fairness and equality. The CJP supported their complaint by referring to relevant provisions of the law, including the Model Code of Conduct.

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