CJP urges FIR against Sadhvi Giri for remarks inciting sexual violence against minorities Giri made these remarks at the Raipur Dharam Sansad in December 2021

12, Feb 2022 | CJP Team

A recently surfaced video containing deeply communal and gender-insensitive content from the Raipur Dharam Sansad has prompted CJP to file a complaint before the Director General of Police, Chhattisgarh. While Raipur Police had acted upon Kalicharan Maharaj and arrested him in connection with the Dharam Sansad held in Raipur on December 26, the video that has recently surfaced online shows another hate offender Sadhvi Vibhanand Giri making abhorrent remarks provoking sexual violence against women from the minority community.

The video may be viewed here: https://twitter.com/zoo_bear/status/1488977039147212802

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In the video, Giri can be heard saying,  “If any Muslim man laid their eyes on a Hindu girl from today onwards, their women will give birth to Hindu children, without a nikah or pheras,” thus, openly supporting rape of Muslim women and promoting rape culture. She then calls upon the Hindu youth to also question and attack the women in their own families. And take action against the Hindu women who dare to “run away” with, or have a relationship with Muslims. She tells the Hindu men to create fear even in their own homes, among their own women and the parents of the women they suspect to be in a relationship with a Muslim man. She tells Hindu “boys and sons” to keep track of the women to ensure that they do not fall for Muslim men, saying, “If a Hindu girl runs away with a Muslim youth, go after her, bring her back. Beat her up and her parents.”

In the complaint, CJP recalls instances of sexual violence used as a weapon in attacks on minorities in the past, saying, “We are compelled to state here that such vile and brazen acts of sexual violence against the minority community in a concerted manner, have already taken place, ashamedly, in Gujarat during the riots of 2002, as you must already be aware… The Gujarat carnage stands out for its extensive and specific targeting of women, young girls and children, who were subjected to the most sadistic and vicious forms of violence”. The complaint warns, “In a country where such a horrific incident has already taken place, such calls for sexual violence against the same minority community can be perilous to public order at large and undesirable for a state like Chhattisgarh.”

CJP has urged the DGP to give directions to act against Giri and file a case against her under specific sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The complaint may be read here:



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