CJP in action: Files a complaint with Facebook against Ragini Tiwari Serial hate offender Ragini Tiwari spread hate against farmers

24, Dec 2020 | CJP Team

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has approached Facebook India with a complaint against Ragini Tiwari for her hateful video against the farmer protests.

The CJP complaint dated December 24, 2020 to Facebook brings to their notice, the threatening video of Ragini Tiwari spreading hate against the farmers agitating against the three central legislations.

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The complaint states that in the video uploaded by Tiwari which is now available on all social media platforms, she appealed to the masses to prepare themselves for December 17 to recreate Jafrabad (read a reference to the February 2020, Delhi Violence) if the farmers don’t stop protesting and leave Delhi. She openly issued a fresh warning to the Central and Delhi Government that if the protests are not put to an end by December 16, she will take to the streets and get all roads cleared and history will repeat itself. By history, she meant the targeted Delhi Pogrom where she brazenly called for the slaughter of the Muslim community and the violence that followed led to deaths of more than 50 people. The complaint has also provided the link to the video for their perusal.

CJP’s complaint states how she is attempting to quell the strapping voices of the farmers lamenting over them being allowed to protest during a pandemic but barring Chhath Puja in some parts of the country. The complaint also mentions how she is spreading fake news by linking the protests with Dr. Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam insinuating that the Kisan Andolan Army is conspiring to release them and trying to divide the country by demanding the creation of ‘Khalistan’.

In order to prove the offensive behaviour of Ragini Tiwari, CJP has also annexed its previous complaint against her to Facebook dated March 3, 2020 where she was documented delivering virulent Islamophobic content on Facebook Live in the backdrop of the communal clashes in Delhi early this year.

The complaint further lists down the several violations of Facebook’s Community Standard on Violence and Incitement, on Integrity and Authenticity and the Indian Penal Code by Tiwari. Noting that the Indian farmers have a fundamental right to protest under Article 19, and instead of showing solidarity and resistance, Ragini Tiwari’s online activity has the potential to provoke people into incitement of an offence, CJP has humbly requested Facebook to take cognisance of the matter and take appropriate action against her.

The entire complaint may be read here:


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