CJP Impact: Twitter suspends RW Kreately media’s account The account is predominantly known for posting anti-Islamic content

16, Nov 2022 | CJP Team

Twitter has suspended the Twitter account of Kreately media which was incessantly posting hate mongering, anti-Islamic content through their account after Citizens for Justice and Peace reported this content multiple times.

In the last 2 years CJP has moved over 200 petitions before organisations like National Commission for Minorities (NCM), National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA), National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST), National Commission for Women (NCW), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

CJP is dedicated to finding and bringing to light instances of Hate Speech, so that the bigots propagating these venomous ideas can be unmasked and brought to justice. To learn more about our campaign against hate speech, please become a member. To support our initiatives, please donate now!

Twitter said it found Kreately media to be violative of their hateful conduct rule and if the account wishes to get full access again, Twitter will ask them to remove the reported content.

One of the many disparaging posts from their Twitter account was about the recent murder case that has been unravelling in Delhi where one Aftab Poonawala brutally murdered his girlfriend Shraddha and butchered her. Taking a hardline and anti-Islamic stance, Kreately posted deplorable content about the infamous “love Jihad” angle which is brought up every time a Hindu-Muslim relationship comes up anywhere in the news by such right-wing accounts.

One such post on Twitter was:

Their account on Twitter has been suspended due to CJP’s relentless efforts and in pursuance to CJP’s constant fight against hate speech and content on social media. However, they continue to spread such hatred through their other social media accounts including Instagram and Facebook. They also have a website of their own where pro-hindutva, anti-Islamic and misinformed news in the form of opinion pieces is published.

Some of their posts on Instagram:

In 2021, AltNews had published a report on Kreately calling it a website that packs hateful content and misinformation in the illusion of truth by posing as ‘news outlets’. The website is owned by Texas-based Waiable Media Inc, a company run by Indians in the US. AltNews found that the website Kreately.in came into existence in May 2020. Its Alexa Rank in India in less than a year is about 10,000. One of the main people behind its growing popularity is BJP leader Kapil Mishra who regularly promotes the platform.

Kreately Media mentions its parent company’s name – Waiable Media Inc. – at the bottom of the website.A document in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission recognises Sachin Chitlangia, resident of Houston, Texas as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Waiable Media.

Kreately is a user-generated platform where anyone can make an account and request the moderators to get published. The non-prominent contributors are similarly aligned with a disdain for the Muslim community and Left-leaning individuals and devotion to Prime Minister Modi, says the report.

Image Courtesy: twitter.com


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