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CJP Assam: Reaching remote areas to provide relief to the hungry CJP team in Assam is mobilising the community to ensure aid reaches far flung areas

08, Apr 2020 | CJP Team

CJP’s Assam team is going that extra mile to distribute rations to quarantined families and families of detainees, amid the nationwide lockdown. Our team’s efforts are not limited to providing relief and aid to NRC affected families, but also all other such people in need, particularly the destitute, orphans and most marginalised people. This is being done by engaging the community in the work and hence enabling them to reach the remote areas.

Assam’s terrain has proved a challenge even when CJP’s NRC campaign was in progress, for the District Volunteer motivators (DVMs) who were going to far flung remote areas of Assam to provide aid and support. In the current campaign of “CJP against hunger” as well the same kind of dedication is seen in the DVMs reaching the usually inaccessible areas of Assam to provide relief material.
CJP endeavours will continue its widespread efforts in the state of Assam through our dedicated team.
Support us in this fight against hunger.


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