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07, Jun 2017

There have been a number of attempts to dilute the extent of the communal carnage that engufged the entire state of Gujarat in February, 2002, with claims that it was restricted only to certain areas and districts.

Moreover, there have also been claims to manipulate the number of persons reported as having died after the communal riots by human rights organizations and the media. Such baseless claims can easily be refutted by thorough and comprehensive statistics on the same.

These statistics provided by the Gujarat State Intelligence Bureau to the Election Commission mentions the “Details of all the incidents of communal violence recorded after the fire on the Sabarmati Express”

The data gives a detailed picture of the number of persons who died during the communal carnage in between 27.2.2008 to 7.8.2002. It also provides information regarding those injured and details of arson, looting, etc.

(Source: Report submitted by the Gujarat State Intelligence Bureau to the Election Commission)

2002 16 AUG CEC Postpones Elections




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