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Amnesty alleges “ongoing crimes against humanity” by Myanmar forces

Amnesty International has reported that Myanmar’s security forces continue to crack down on Rohingya living in the country’s Rakhine State. Amnesty said that in late January 2018, it interviewed 19 Rohingya men and women who had just reached Bangladesh, and who detailed how they were compelled to escape because of “forced starvation, abductions and looting of property”.…

What’s Behind India’s Lynch Attacks: A Narrative Report by Citizens Against Hate examines 24 cases of vigilante violence across 4 states

Hate inspired violence against minorities has become increasingly common across India over the last few years and the audacity with which they are conducted suggests a complete absence of fear of consequences. These hate crimes range from lynching and mob violence to violence inflicted by vigilantes, sexual assault and even outright murder. Muslims and Dalits…

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