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SC’s Verdict for Free Expression Upholds Bahujan Interpretation of Political Economy: Kancha Ilaiah’s Case

The Supreme Court on Friday, October 13, refused to entertain a PIL by an advocate of Delhi seeking to impose a ban on the book Komatlu Samajika Smugglerlu (Komatlu Social Smugglers) published by Prof. Kancha Ilaiah   Click to access June-7-17-letter-to-DIG-CISF.pdf A three-member bench comprising Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice A.M. Khanwilkar and Justice D.Y.…

Amir Rizvi

Criminalisation of Dissent A timeline showcasing the state's clampdown on criticism and dissenting voices in 2017

Voices of dissent are being muzzled in India as the state continues its clampdown, on people and publications criticizing them, with impunity. Sometimes it is political stooges who file private complaints, other times it is the police that intervenes and demands that people take down social media posts. In many other cases, people are threatened…

How Biased Media Is Undermining Human Rights and Democracy in India Corporate media outlets are fueling oppression and violence during a heated election season.

It is election time in five of India’s states. In at least two of the five, it’s a telling time for the regime at the center, headed by the autocratic Narendra Modi. Not only will his much-hailed charisma and direct connection with the voters be evaluated when the results are finally declared on March 11,…

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