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Caste system has not spared even the dead, laments HC

04, Jul 2015

“What is prevalent and practiced in Hinduism appears to have been percolated into Christianity.”
The Madras High Court Bench here on Thursday expressed deep concern over the caste system not having spared even dead bodies from its fold and lamented that the practice had percolated into Christianity too by making the followers of the religion fight among themselves over the right to maintain separate burial grounds for different denominations.
Disposing of a public interest litigation petition related to a dispute between Roman Catholics and Pentecosts over a burial ground at A. Vellodu village in Dindigultaluk, a Division Bench of Justices S. Manikumar and G. Chockalingam said: “Christianity has no caste system. What is prevalent and practiced in Hinduism appears to have been percolated into the above said religion.”
Wondering whether the holy Bible allows such a practice, the judges said that it was a question best left to be answered by the conscience of the practitioners “who seek pride in having their caste tags.” They rued that the caste system was so deep rooted that people fight over places for burying dead bodies, force revenue officials to convene peace committee meetings and even litigate. HTTP://WWW.THEHINDU.COM/NEWS/CITIES/MADURAI/CASTE-SYSTEM-HAS-NOT-SPARED-EVEN-THE-DEAD-LAMENTS-


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