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Bigger Hindutva organizations have become inactive: Pramod Muthalik

17, Jun 2015

Panaji: Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik on Wednesday claimed that bigger Hindutva organisations have become inactive leaving the smaller groups to unite for the cause.
“Today, bigger Hindutva organizations have become inactive. On the contrary, all small and big Hindu organisations who are striving sincerely for the cause of Hindutva are getting united,” Muthalik said addressing the All India Hindu Convention in Goa through tele-conferencing.
Muthalik has been banned from entering Goa by the state government fearing law and order situation, which has forced him to cancel his visit for the convention.
“I am confident that this Hindu Parivar will definitely establish Hindu Rashtra with divine power and Hindu unity,” he said.
Muthalik, who was linked to the 2009 Mangalore pub attacks, said BJP government was displaying double standards on the issue of Hindutva.


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