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Award wapsi’s become a trend: Chetan Bhagat

19, Jan 2016

Shailendra Paranjpe @shailyaparanjpe
Saying that the returning of awards (Puraskar Wapsi) has become a trend, author Chetan Bhagat on Monday said he never wrote for an award, only for whatever he felt is right based on daily happenings.
The public interview with Bhagat — referred as writer of the youth — evoked huge response on the final day of the 89th All India Marathi literary meet.
He began with two sentences in Marathi and gave the rest of the interview in Hindi. Conducted by Chetan Joshi, the interview was attended by school and college students in large numbers.
Bhagat asked the students to be prepared for receiving slaps from life and continue the quest with a positive attitude.
Replying to a question, he said that titles of all his novels always have a number (Five Point Someone, Two States, etc.) because he is an engineer. He explained that he’s used the term half girlfriend for a girl who is more than just a friend.


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