Assam NRC: Detention Camp cuts food ration CJP Assam is working with the families of the detainees to help release them at the earliest

17, Feb 2020 | CJP Team

On May 2109, the Supreme Court of India ordered the release of detainees who have spent more than three years in captivity inside detention camps in Assam. But more than half of the detainees have still not been released due to the absence of competent representation. The Home Department of Assam has rejected a large number of their bail applications or kept them pending. Nandu Ghosh, CJP volunteer in Assam,reported about the pathetic condition of the detention camps. He found out that the detainees are deprived of very basic amenities like proper food, sanitation and space. The jail superintendents now serve them half the quantity of stipulated food to counter the influx of new detainees excluded in the Assam NRC process.


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