Another hate event organised by Sakal Hindu Samaj in Maharashtra, where Bharatanand Saraswati delivers anti-Muslim hate speech Addressing the crowd, Saraswati said that he had been advised by people to not give a hate speech, but he is not afraid of jail

15, May 2023 | CJP Team

On May 14, another hate event had been organised by the notorious Sakal Hindu Samaj at Amravati,  Maharashtra, where Bharatanand Saraswati delivered a hate speech targeting the Muslim community. Addressing a crowd of “supporters”, he first started by saying that he had been advised by people to not give a hate speech, but he is not afraid of jail. Instigating his audience, in his speech, he implied that “because he is a Hindu,” that is the reason why he is being targeted by the police and authorities. He went to the extent of falsely accusing the “Muslim community of spreading COVID”, and the authorities for not “punishing the Muslim community.” He also called for bringing a population control bill to stop Muslim population in the country.

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The speech:

“I have been told to not give hate speech, complaints are being lodged, and they might put you in jail. To this, I say that our Lord Krishna were born in a jail only. Jail does not matter to us, not at all. I have myself been to jail once. This is all happening because conspiracies are taking place against Hindu saints, Hindu organisations and Hindu ministers.”

“But these authorities do not have the audacity to take any action against those who openly raise slogans for dividing India and against the government. Our Hindu community is innocent, no one will ever take a stone in their hands, no one can ever harm anyone.”

“I get to know this yesterday that there was some riot in Akola yesterday. Who is responsible for these riots? Why are they not being arrested? When it comes to them, the courage of the authorities and the procedures that they follow, is limited to working against the Hindu community.”

“Anyone who commits cow slaughter should be given a death sentence. Some people do not follow the Constitution. These people used to attack doctors and police officers, would not wear mask and get vaccines, would not even adhere to the curfew. But the law means nothing for them, every law is for the Hindus.”

“‘Hum do Humare do’ is also limited to Hindus, there the motto is ‘Hum paanch humare pacchis’. There is no law for them, and even if there is, they do not follow it. It is also essential that population control laws are brought in and implemented. Their population is increasing, and their dreams of taking over the country need to be corrected.”

The video can be viewed here:

Previous Complaint by CJP against Bharatanand Saraswati

On April 30, 2023, in Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra the outfit of Sakal Hindu Samaj had organized another hate-filled Hindu Janjagaran Dharmsabha. Many speakers, including Bharatanand Saraswati were seen participating in the said event, espousing a hard, right-wing, exclusionist ideology, and can be seen delivering incendiary and inciteful speeches through which they had targeted the Muslim community of our country. A total of five speakers had delivered an anti-Muslim speeches, videos of which have gone “viral” and reached hundreds of thousands. The speakers had also made misinformed and offensive claims against the minority community, its history and their culture.

A speech similar to that of the May 14 event had been delivered by Sraaswati at the said event. Here too, Saraswati Maharaj had targeted the Muslim community, used anti-Muslim slurs, and accused them of spreading COVID. He had also urged Hindus to keep weapons, threatened Kar Seva against a graveyard in Mumbra, and pitched for declaring India a Hindu nation.

He had also instigated his audience to keep weapons on them by saying “Till now, our Modi ji is there in the centre as Prime Minister. But once Yogi ji comes, you won’t even be able to find Mughal on Google. I want to warn my Hindu sisters that they should keep a weapon in their purse for their own protection. For cow protection, women protection, country protection and protection of our religion, keeping a weapon for these purposes is not a crime. Keep weapons on yourself.”

He had also attempted to keep his audience on boil and made open calls for violence against Muslims by saying that “If that weapon is with you, no m***a (anti-Muslim slur) will not be able to even look at you with some ulterior intentions. I want to urge the government that till you make a law prohibiting love-jihad, allow our women, who are our sisters, daughters and mothers, to keep weapons with them.”

On May 8, several organisations were represented in a collective delegation to the Commissioner of Police (Thane), Shri. Jai Jeet Singh, demanding prompt action according to law, against the hate speech delivered during an April 30 event of Hindu Janjagran Dharam Sabha where Saraswati was also present. Activists of the NAPM, Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti Shramik Janata Sangh, Sanjeevan Kendra and Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) were represented in the delegation.

Throughout the representation, citizens organisations had emphasised on the words used by the speakers, and had clearly incited Hindus, against the Muslim community by bringing in their history and certain controversial cases, and has even used slurs against the Muslim community. Swift and stringent action had been sought through the said complaint. 


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