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*Amla in D-camp, she didn’t even see her husband’s face for the last time.* Samoik Prasanga

21, Dec 2020

With the pain of foreigners scandal, Chandradhar Das sank to the brink of death on Sunday. He had high hopes in his life, maybe he will get the recognition of ‘Indian’ before his death. But the law of the land could not cover the pain of Chandradhar who has passed hundreds of years. He was released in death. After spending a day between Sunday and Tuesday night. Like Chandradhar, Assam witnessed another death. Chandradhar Das is a resident of Barak Valley.
Gopesh of the same title is a resident of Chirang district of Lower Assam. Erasing the geographical distance both of them were burnt in the same pain. A foreigner badge was placed next to Chandradhar’s name. Another Bengali Hindu Gopesh Das did not have that slander. His wife, Amala Das, is being held in the Kokrajhar detention camp after being identified as a foreigner by the foreigners tribunal. Sixty-one Gopesh was finishing little by little, the burden of his wife’s miserable life. Gopesh said goodbye to the world, burning with grief for his wife. His heart stopped beating in his sleep on Tuesday night. Like Chandradhar, Gopesh also came out of the pain with the freezing death. And prisoner Amala! This helpless woman did not even see her husband’s face for the last time. After much effort, pleading with the state Home Department Amla was granted bail for one day, so that before burning her husband, the husband’s face can be shown to her once.
The government clearance was granted on Wednesday evening. But as the evening draws to a closed, they might be confronted by wild elephants on their way home, so Amala could not see the face of her dead husband. Zamser Ali and Nanda Ghosh, the tireless fighters of Citizens for Justice & Peace (CJP), did everything to  trying to get Amala out of the D-Camp on bail atlist for one day. Zamser Ali, an adviser to the organization, said from Bijni, how many more deaths should be seen due to foreign badges? He said, Amlar has all the papers to prove her citizenship. But for the slight inconsistency in the name, she is spending her days in the D-camp with a foreign impression. “We only wanted his bail for one day. But the day passed to moved the papers from one table to another. Shortly before evening, a clearance came from the Home Department. Bijni is not less far from Kokrajhar. Wild elephants often roam in it at night. How can we risk taking Amala so far in this situation? Amala could not see her husband’s face for the last time because of the strict rules.” said Zamser Ali. On the other hand, Nanda Ghosh’s statement, Hindutva government on the throne of Delhi-Dispur. Even then, lots of Hindu Bengalis today have to spend their days in fear of death. Nanda says, “We are tired of seeing death row in the ruthless process of foreigners selection. I don’t know when the veil will fall at this worse time.”
On 19th March 2020 Chirang-FT declared Amala as a foreigner. She is in Kokrajhar detention camp since last 21 months. Gopesh trying so much to release her wife. He was a poor farmer. He has four sons and three daughters in his house, It is difficult for him to get food for them. However, in order to release his wife, he ran Guwahati-Chirang continuously. His childrens also moved door to door for their mother. But Amala did not release from detention camp. Gopesh ended up his life to thinking about his wife’s indescribable life in D-camp. His elder son Dhanai said, “For many days, my father was broken down to worried about my mother. He did not take food. My father cried for my mother. My father was burnt by the pain of not being able to bring my mother home on bail. In the end, my father died in his sleep.” Dhanai was crying profusely while talking on mobile. He has repeatedly said that his mother is not Bangladeshi. They have all documents. Yet she became a foreigner for a small mess of the name. Father is dead, now what will happen to mother? Dhanai left for the crematorium with this misery and panic in his head.



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