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A day after riots, fear and threat loom large in Harsul

16, Jul 2015

A day after riot, arson, stone pelting by adivasis and firing by police in Harsul, the situation continued to be tense on Wednesday, with looting and shop breaking increasing to the hilt.
More than 35 cops were injured and police had opened a round of firing to disperse the mob in which one person was injured and later died due to blood loss. Around 3,000 personnel were deployed in a town with a population of 5,000.
On Wednesday, streets were strewn with material from shops, grains lay on roads, shops broken with shutters half open, glass panes broken, told the story of stone pelting, black soot around was a tale tell of the burning incidents, a motorcycle all brazen had borne the burnt.
“My grain shop was robbed and I have suffered a loss of Rs20 lakh,” said Mahendra Devrgaonkar, who was standing in his vacant shop.


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