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08, May 2017

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February 28, 2005


Residents of the Gulberg Society, in Meghaninagar Ahmedabad,
including Mrs Zakiabehn Jaffri, wife of the former member of Parliament,
Ahsan Jaffri have served notice on representatives of the Vishwa Hindu
Parishad (VHP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS] and the Bharatiya Janata
Party [BJP] claiming damages of approximates Rs 64 crores in all for the
attack on Gulberg society that claimed more than 45 lives on February 28,
2002. Damages have been claimed for loss of life, property, torture, pain
and trauma caused to them when mobs unleashed terror due to the bandh call
given by the VHP and supported by the RSS and the BJP on February 28, 2002
during which mayhem and carnage resulted.


The notices were served by registered post on  February 26
and 27, 2005. The entire legal action is being supported by the
Citizens of Justice and Peace,
Mumbai. The notices have been sent by
advocates MrS.M. Vohra and Mr Irshad Mansuri. 

heirs and occupants of the society in whoÂ’s name the notices have been
served include survivors of bungalows and eight apartments in the society.
Notices have been served on behalf of Smt Zakiabehn Jaffri, Kasambhai
Mansuri, Salimbhai Norr Mohd Sandhi, Farid Abu Bakr Pathan, Feroz Mohd
Gulzar Mohd Pathan, Tasadduk Husain Surroli, Mohammed Iqbal Yusufbhai
Patel, Rashidabehn Ayubbhai Kothiwala,  Taiyabli Hussain Khambhati,
Yunusbhai Patel, Mohd Sharif Nasir Hussain Shaikh, Rupabehn Darabhai Nodi,
Shri Fakir Mohammed  Mohammed Saiyed, Yusufbhai Pathan, Bhurabhai Bande
Ali Shaikh, Safdar Hussain Ankleshwaria, Sairabano Jalaluddin Shaikh,
Salimbhai Abdulbhai Mansuri, and Zaitunbibi AnwarPathan.


The Citizens for
Justice and Peace
has also alerted the Central Industrial Security
Force (CISF) that extra care and protection should be taken of all these
survivors –many of whom are eye witnesses to the carnage –given the fact
that they are all still residents of Gujarat and that they have served
these notices to these organization for damages. A copy of this letter
alerting the CISF to the issue of security of these witnesses has also
been sent to the Gujarat Police through itÂ’s Director General of Police.
The SC  had ordered protection by central forces to all eye witnesses into
the major carnages that took place in Gujarat including the victims of the
Godhra mass arson, the Gulberg, Naroda Gaon, Naroda Patiya, Sardarpura and
Ode carnages. The trial into the Gulberg carnage was stayed by the Supreme
Court of India on November 21, 2003 after eye witnesses had, with the
assistance of the CJP filed affidavits explaining the circumstances
under which investigations were carrying on into these cases within

The notice served by Mrs
Zakia Jaffri states that “…because of the “Gujarat Bandh” call issued by
you on 28-2-2002  some people Â…. attacked the Gulberg Society and
therefore the mob had looted the movable articles from the house of my 
above named client and burnt alive  several people including husband of my
client namely late Mr. Ahsan Jafri.. In the process  my client has
suffered loss of Rs. 30 lac., due to dacoity of the movable articles and
destroying the house of my client by  torching the same.  This gruesome
incident has taken place because of the ‘Bandh Call’ issued by you. This
loss of wealth and lives has occurred due to individual act of yours.  The
pain and mental agony undergone by my client is due to the incidents that
occurred due to the band call issued by you. The approximate loss incurred
by my client is about Rs. 70 lac and therefore my client is liable to sue
you for the compensation of Rs. 70 lacs; however before filing the suit
the present statutory notice is being issued in accordance with the law.”

Mr Vijay Tendulkar,

Ms Teesta Setalvad,



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