Citizens for Justice and Peace

CJP Condemns Threats to Mr Javed Akhtar

16, May 2010


May 16,

Press Statement

CJP Condemns Threats to Mr Javed

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) condemns the threats issued to
Rajya Sabha MP, Mr Javed Akhtar who is also on the Board of Directors
of CJP. Mr Akhtar received threats through an email allegedly because
he challenged a recent fatwa of the Darul uloom, Deoband, which claims
that Islam forbids Muslim women from working alongside men.

stands for basic democratic rights of all individuals as also of the
minority within the minority, women of ethnic and religious
minorities. The right to freedom of movement and work is a basic right
of an individual as also of all Muslim women. Across the world
millions of Muslim women are visible in the workplace. In India too
Muslim women are present in all walks of life.

As an
active founder trustee, Mr Akhtar has been, as all others on its
Board,  a part of CJPÂ’s collective efforts to ensure justice to the
victims and punishment to the perpetrators of the Gujarat 2002
carnage. He has spoken out of often against the politics of hatred and
intimidation.  CJP believes that all threats of violence and
aggression are threats to an individualÂ’s liberty and basic human
rights, also guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. Intimidation
and threats, whether they come from spokespersons of the so-called
majority or minority are equally condemnable.

CJP is
fully behind Mr Akhtar, who is also President, Muslims for Secular
Democracy, and his views that oppose a retrograde worldviews and
support the basic rights of Muslim women.




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