Workshop for Activists on Citizenship CJP, NAPM and PUCL's Workshop aimed at activists working on grass root level

21, Nov 2019 | CJP Team

On November 16, 2019, a workshop on Citizenship was organized by CJP, NAPM and PUCL. The aim was to share our case studies and on-ground experiences about the effects of the implementation of NRC in Assam, the NPR and the Citizen Amendment Bill(CAB). The workshop was specially aimed at activists who work on the grass root level with the people.

Many suggestions were shared,ideas were exchanged and plans drawn about how one should go about with the task of educating people about the NRC, NPR and CAB. At the end of the workshop all the members present decided to name their movement ‘Nagrikta Bachao Abhiyaan’.

Resource Inputs

CJP has produced a pithy booklet, Who Is an Indian –does the Law and Constitution decide? 

The English booklet may be read here.

भारतीय कौन है, क्या कानून और संविधान तय करता है? that is being widely made available for the activist fraternity.

The Hindi booklet may be read here.


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