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Witnesses Statement- Jafri did call Modi for help during riots

05, Nov 2009

Witnesses Statement- Jafri did call Modi for help during riots (November 2009)

An eyewitness in the 2002 Gulberg massacre case told the fast-track court, that while his house was under attack by rioters, Congress leader Ehsan Jafri did indeed make a phone call to Chief Minister Narendra Modi for help only to be abused. The witness, Imtiaz Said Khan Pathan is one of the survivors of the Gulberg Society massacre. According to his deposition, Pathan said that due to the mob attacking the society, he had gone to Jafri’s house for protection. Furthermore, Pathan said that Jafri revealed to him that he was going to call Modi for protection and after inquiring about Modi’s response; Jafri said that the Chief Minister had abused him instead of providing help.

A week later, another witness, Rupa Mody deposed before the same court. Rupa Mody confirmed Imtiaz Pathan’s deposition which alleged that Ehsan Jafri did call Chief Minister Narendra Modi for help. Rupa Mody further elaborated on the brutality of the massacre which occurred at Jafri’s residence. Her statement also alleges that the police had forged her statement dated July 1, 2002 and that they pressured her to change her statement in front of the Nanavati Shah Commission in return for help in finding her son.
The reports are from The Indian Express and The Times of India

  1. ‘When Jafri called Modi for help during riots, CM abused him’ (The Indian Express) (Nov 5, 2009)
  2. Jafri had called CM for help, Parzania mother tells court  (The Times of India) (Nov 11, 2009)

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