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Video of two naked teens getting beaten on local goes viral

18, Feb 2016

dna correspondent @dna
A shocking video of two unknown and naked teenagers getting beaten mercilessly in a compartment of a local train went viral on social media on Wednesday, leaving the Government Railway Police (GRP) baffled. Immediately after the video went viral, the GRP launched an inquiry to ascertain the facts about the incident.
In the video, a man was seen raining blows on the two naked boys in one corner of a sitting area of the local train compartment. The duo was also kicked mercilessly by the unidentified man, while other passengers in the compartment took videos and clicked pictures of the incident. Interestingly, another video of the same incident emerged some time later, where the two teens, still naked, were seen being lashed with belts on a railway platform.
According to the GRP, an FIR could not be registered in the incident as they still did not have any details of where and when the incident took place. A senior GRP officer said, “We are not very clear who this two teenagers are. However, at one point in one of the videos, the assaulter can be heard saying things that hint at the victims being mobile thieves. We can’t say anything with surety as of now. We are examining the footage of different dates and places as also employing other modes of inquiry to ascertain the time and place of the incident so that proper legal action can be taken. The DCP (Central) has been instructed to conduct an inquiry. Till now, we have not been able to get any CCTV footage showing this incident and, therefore, are unable to ascertain how old the videos are.”


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