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Vicious assault on Kanhaiya

17, Feb 2016

Imran Ahmed Siddiqui
New Delhi, Feb. 17: Kanhaiya Kumar was kicked and punched so viciously inside a court complex today afternoon that what appeared to be urine stained the young man’s trousers.
Half an hour later, the JNU students’ union president, arrested on a sedition charge, was beaten up again – this time in a room near the courtroom earmarked for his bail hearing, according to lawyers.
Hundreds of policemen, who should have thrown a protective ring around the JNU students’ union president as soon as he was brought into the Patiala House Courts complex, did so only after the first round of assault had run its course.
The back-to-back attacks took place in spite of a directive by the Supreme Court to ensure full security and less than 48 hours after the very same assailants had pounced on teachers, students and journalists in the same court complex.
Around 10 lawyers pounced on Kanhaiya on the court premises while he was being led to the courtroom. The attackers had a free run for several minutes before a few policemen tried to shield him with their riot gear.


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