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VHP ‘working on’ 1,500 Muslim families for ‘ghar vapsi’ in U.P.

13, Sep 2015

MEERUT, September 13, 2015
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has claimed that it is in the process of preparing 1,500 Muslim families in western Uttar Pradesh for a ‘ghar vapsi’ programme.
According to Ajju Chauhan, senior VHP leader in western U.P., the volunteers are “working on” 1,500 Muslim families to facilitate their “ghar vapsi,” a term used to denote conversion to Hinduism. One of the initial ways of the Hindutva volunteers include convincing these families to stop eating beef and focus instead on keeping cow and buffalo in their homes.
Mr. Chauhan claimed that the “hard work” of the volunteers was paying off. Most of the 1,500 families had stopped eating meat.
“I myself have been working on two villages in Mainpuri in U.P. Most of them don’t eat meat of cow and buffalo any longer,” he said.
Mr. Chauhan claimed that these 1,500 Muslim families were originally Hindus. He refused to disclose the actual names of the village. “The initial target is to stop them from eating meat. That we have successfully managed to. Gradually they will have to be brought back to Hindu way of living. I am hopeful that they will finally become Hindus again,” he added.


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