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United in suffering, parents of athletes cope with tragedy

10, May 2015

Sajimon P S, TNN | May 10, 2015, 11.01AM IST
ALAPPUZHA: They sit outside the ICU of the medical college hospital, their faces drawn with fatigue and the only word each of them desperately wants to hear is ‘amma’. Their teenage daughters lie inside, hooked to life-support, their chances of seeing their mothers’ faces improving with each passing hour. Aparna Ramabhadran and three other girls Treesa Jacob, Shilpa KR, Sabitha Santosh and Aparna Ramabhadran, all athletes training at SAI’s water sports centre here, consumed poison on Wednesday afternoon as part of a suicide pact, though Aparna didn’t survive to tell why she was driven to such an extremity.


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