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Transgender Men Continue to Struggle for Visibility in Social Change

05, Jul 2015

All India | Written by Sutapa Deb | Updated: July 05, 2015 09:32 IST
While transgender women have visibility, trangender men still struggle for social cover.
New Delhi: Over a year after the Supreme Court’s landmark judgement on transgender rights, one group among the transgender community continues to be left out.
The term transgender is often understood to refer to Hijras or transgender women. But this definition leaves out other identities, like transgender men, who are yet to find recognition.
Historically, Hijras have been visible and self-organised. Anti-HIV efforts led to funding and support to platforms for transgender women. A number of transgender women took a public role in advocating for their rights and are now well known activists.
Transgender men, on the other hand, are barely visible. The reason, they say, is that they have no support system, no spaces of their own.
This week the third national Hijra Habba was organised by India HIV Aids Alliance in Delhi to focus on issues facing the transgender community. The event was attended by 350 transgender women. However, only five transgender men were present.
Among them was 36 year old Siddhanth, who works as a recruitment consultant in Mumbai. Born a woman, he faced intense pressure to conform. He was able to transition to a male identity with the help of surgery and hormones three years ago.


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