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India among nations manipulating Social Media: Oxford Study Used to manufacture consensus, automate suppression, and undermine trust in liberal values

A study by researchers at Oxford University has found that India is among the nations involved in organised social media manipulation, and such disinformation campaigns can be attributed to politicians and political parties. The researchers monitored social media platforms for three years to take note of organised manipulation by government agencies or political parties, and…

Journalists threatened and harassed after numbers leaked online Bid to curtail Press Freedom?

Several Indian journalists, known for their liberal and secular views, became victims of doxxing when their numbers were leaked and circulated, allegedly by right-wing social media trolls. Barkha Dutt, Abhisar Sharma, Rajdeep Sardesai and many others, have since then received threats of violence and abusive messages on their phones. Is this a conspiracy against media…

We have to Fiercely Defend any Attack on Free Speech: Sanjukta Basu Netizens for Democracy urges Liberal and Secular Voices to Unite on Social Media

Writer, photographer and political analyst Sanjukta Basu is one of India’s feistiest troll-slayers on social media. In this EXCLUSIVE interview, she tell us how to navigate the social media minefield without losing one’s humanity, dignity or sanity.   Q) What is the most terrifying thing about social media today? Can this beast be tamed? A)…

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