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Forest rights group prepares for Nov 21 Sansad Gherao Protests of Adivasis and Forest Dwellers mount as the next date of the SC hearing (Nov 26) draws near

Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, a forest rights collective, held a planning meeting at Indian Social Institute regarding the action planned on November 21, 2019 to have a Sansad Gherao at Sansad Marg, Delhi. The Gherao, along with state, district and village level actions, have been planned to protest violations of people’s rights and dilution of Forest Rights…

Aarey's adivasis are fighting against losing land that they feel is historically theirs

How Adivasis in Aarey are at risk of losing their land and livelihood CJP supports the struggle of Warli Adivasis

Adivasis in Aarey at risk of losing their land, their homes, and their livelihood due to the proposed Metro shed, which is also a threat to Mumbai’s precious green cover. Even as the fight to preserve the city’s limited tree cover is waged, the rights of the Adivasis in the area must be protected. The…

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