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16 PAC Personnel Guilty of Targeted Murder Delhi HC in Hashimpura Custodial Killings, 1987

October 31 was a historic day in the history of painfully meandering case of the Hashimpura targeted killings of May 22, 1987. Thirty-one years after armed PAC men shot down in cold blood more than 40 males of the Muslim minority, 16 criminal PAC men have been convicted. On May 21, 2015 a trial court…

Why Universities Are a Key Battleground for Human Rights in India Caste discrimination is the ugly underbelly of India's higher education system.

The year 2016 began for the government of India with a huge hiccup. Rohith Vemula, a research scholar who happened to be a Dalit (or from the so-called untouchable caste), committed suicide on January 17. He took this step after his university administration failed to respond to his recent letter to Vice Chancellor Appa Rao…

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