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गांधीजी को किसने मारा और क्यों ? आज़ाद हिंदुस्तान का पहला आंतकवादी हमला

क्या आपको मालूम है की गाँधीजी को मारने की पांच विफल कोशिशों के बाद , छठा सफल हुआ। उन्हें मारने की पहली कोशिश 1934 में हुई थी। तो कौन था जिसे गांधीजी से इतने गिले शिक़वे थे ? किसकी संकीर्ण, खूनी विचारधारा में गांधीजी जैसे महानुभाव की कोई जगह नहीं थी। और वो कौन है…

How to Fight Communal Hate The signs that need to be recognized and combated

In this video address to Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, West Bengal, noted activist and human rights campaigner Teesta Setalvad lays out a fundamental framework for organisations fighting communal hate. What are the signs that need to be timely recognized and combated. She also takes a moment to salute the brave Asansol Imam whose…

Gujarat Riots

Rath Yatra 2018: Political ploy or Communal Conspiracy? The last time a chariot passed through India, it triggered hate and violence

The RSS and its affiliates have started a Rath Yatra aimed at polarising voters in upcoming elections. This even as the Supreme Court hears the Ayodhya dispute case. CJP calls for peaceful protests at each stop of the Rath Yatra takes. We also urge people to hold programmes for Peace and Communal Harmony. After all, India…

Babri Masjid: A Forgotten Past The Socio-Cultural and Political environment at the time of the Babri Masjid Demolition

December 6, 1992 is one of the darkest days in Indian history. On this day religious extremists tore down the centuries old Babri mosque in Ayodhya, and with it, they also shredded the delicate secular fabric of India. This documentary shows the build up to the demolition and how the case has unfolded since then.

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