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CJP को जानिए CJP के साथ जुड़िये

अपने अधिकारों को समझना स्वतंत्रता की पहली सीढ़ी है| CJP के साथ मिलकर अपने अधिकारों के लिए संघर्ष कीजिये|  

Uniform Civil Code or Gender Justice?

Caught between the Sangh Parivar which has communalised an essentially secular concern for a uniform civil code and the orthodox Muslim leadership resistent to any change, the women’s movement and other secular-democratic forces seem to have been gripped by – an intellectual paralysis. Unless these organisations de-communalise the demand and shift the focus of the…

The Ban And Bans

  Quote: “`What I do, eat, drink or pray is none of your business,’ says Rishi Kapoor.`I am angry. Why do you equate food with religion??—Rishi Kapoor” “Today there is a blur between the real world and the virtual world and I have taken aback to see that, for some years now, unethical, unacceptable and…

The Christian Community in India 2015

by John Dayal It does not happen to “other people.” It happens to “us,” though this may not be apparent at first sight. This is the sort of saying that social-psychologists, cultural anthropologists and even environmental scientists have been stressing on a range of issues as diverse as the impact of climate change to that…

Interview with Mushirul Hasan

Interview  Quotes: “Out of the 135 signatures in my support, there were many Muslims who signed; some of them were devout Muslims. And those were difficult times, when even those members of the faculty who supported me received intimidating threats.” .”In an exclusive interview to Combat, he spoke on the failure of the central government…

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