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CJP Team Visits Families of People Excluded from the NRC CJP in Assam

The CJP team visited some of the people and families who are among the 19,06,657, facing the threat of statelessness. These people will have to file an appeal before the foreigners’ tribunals within 120 days and CJP is determined to heal the trauma and turmoil caused due to exclusion from the NRC.

#HateOffender: Yogi Adityanath and his chilling hate speeches against minorities Join CJP's campaign for #HateFreeElections

From being a ‘yogi’ of modern times to being elected CM of Uttar Pradesh, but the one thing that has always remained constant about Yodi Adityanath, is his unabashed and open hate against Muslims. Mincing no words, he openly threatens to break the law and speaks against the coexistence of religions. His highly communal speeches…

Crackdown on Activists Politically Motivated: Justice PB Sawant Those arrested had nothing to do with Elgaar Parishad says retired SC Judge

Retired Supreme Court Justice PB Sawant calls out the government’s ploy to use the recent nationwide arrests of activists to divert attention from a huge Hindutva terror plot. In this interview with Teesta Setalvad, he also clarifies that the Elgaar Parishad was not funded by Maoists and had no Naxal links either.

EXCLUSIVE: I am a part of Society, I’m not a part of the State: Arundhati Roy Writer-Activist condemns recent arrests of activists, says crackdown on dissent is dangerous

Never known to mince words, firebrand writer and fearless dissenter Arundhati Roy lays threadbare the state’s repressive agenda and it’s underlying motivation… the obsessive-compulsive desire to hold on to political power at all costs. In an exclusive interview to Teesta Setalvad, Roy talks about a variety of contemporary issues ranging from caste, mob lynching, demonetisation, rationalist thought,…

Countering All Allegations CJP Places All Facts on Record

CJP Secretary Teesta Setalvad has been constantly targeted by a vindictive state using false cases, intimidation tactics and a vicious media campaign. This witch hunt is how they are punishing her for daring to speak up against the powerful perpetrators of the 2002 Gujarat genocide. Now, we would like to set the record straight and…

JNU के छात्रों पर पुलिस ने कैसे किया अत्याचार सुनिए सुभाषिनी अली की ज़ुबानी

२३ March को Delhi की सड़कों पर JNU के छात्रों के शांतिपूर्ण रैली पर पुलिस ने अटैक किया. छात्र – छात्राओं को मारा गया, उनके कपड़े फाड़े गए और उन्हें पुलिस की एक ट्रेनिंग फैसिलिटी में ले जाया गया – माकपा की पूर्व सांसद सुभाषिनी अली वहां मौजूद थी. तीस्ता सेतालवाद के साथ इस बातचीत…

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