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Mob Lynching

The Lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq A timeline of all developments in the investigation and trial in the Dadri lynching case

Mohammed Akhlaq’s brutal murder at the hands of his fellow villagers is seen as the first lynching in a cow vigilantism case in India. Mohammed Akhlaq was the first victim of Gautankwad. [TIMELINE-25405]   Related: Victims of Gautankwad: Pehlu Khan Victims of Gautankwad: Alimuddin Ansari Lynched in India  

Amir Rizvi

Victims of Gautankwad: Alimuddin Ansari

In our last story on Victims of Gautankwad, we told you all about the Pehlu Khan lynching that appeared to be a case of premeditated murder. Today we bring you the case of Alimuddin Ansari who was lynched by a mob of nearly 100 people in Ramgarh in Jharkhand on suspicion of transporting beef in…

What’s Behind India’s Lynch Attacks: A Narrative Report by Citizens Against Hate examines 24 cases of vigilante violence across 4 states

Hate inspired violence against minorities has become increasingly common across India over the last few years and the audacity with which they are conducted suggests a complete absence of fear of consequences. These hate crimes range from lynching and mob violence to violence inflicted by vigilantes, sexual assault and even outright murder. Muslims and Dalits…

Mob Lynching

Muslims Are Facing Violent Crackdowns in India Endangering the livelihoods—and the lives—of Indian Muslims.

It is not every day that one of India’s foremost constitutional experts takes the bull by its horns and issues a dire warning. Fali Nariman directly challenged India’s prime minister Narendra Modi about whether the appointment of Adityanath, a yogi, as chief minister of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that saw the supremacist BJP…

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