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Have you ever heard the hypnotic notes of the Tarpa pipe? The Warli art of making music from gourds, bamboos and an ancient playbook of memories

It looks as unusual as it sounds, a bulbous pot-bellied gourd on one end, merging into slender bamboo on the other. You may have seen it in the centre of some traditional Warli wall paintings, where a Tarpa player is the core of the spiral of dancers, who seem to be moving in unison under…

From bonded labour to farmers waiting for ownership rights The struggle continues for this Warli tribal family

This report is part of CJP’s Grassroots Fellowship Program, and has been written by Mamta Pared who hails from the Warli tribe and lives with her family in Nimbavali village in Palghar district. The daughter of brick kiln workers, Mamta wants to be a journalist, and is working on earning a master’s degree in journalism…

Adivasi youth Mamta Pared is CJP’s newest grassroots fellow We are proud to support Mamta’s journey and welcome her as our new fellow

Meet the newest CJP grassroots fellow Mamta Pared from Palghar, Maharashtra. Daughter of brick kiln workers, Mamta struggled to complete her education while taking up household responsibilties from a very young age. But not only did she graduate from college, she is now pursuing her post graduation in mass media. An aspiring journalist, she has…

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