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COVID19: Significant judgments of Indian High Courts (Part 1) A look at the high court decisions on the many issues linked to COVID19

While coronavirus has been wreaking havoc in public life, it has caused some stirs in the judiciary as well. With courts shifting to virtual hearings and taking up urgent matters only, the nation witnessed many significant judgments coming from courts, on issues relating to COVID19. For instance, issues like management of hospitals, amenities to migrants,…

NRC fallout: 2,200 agricultural labourers dubbed “illegal intruders” in Arunachal Pradesh Driven out of the state for being unable to provide proof of inclusion in NRC

There is fear in the air in Banderdewa at the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. The bogeyman of the “outsider” created in the aftermath of the saffron twist given to the NRC process, ever since the final draft was made public on July 30, 2018, has attained a darker and more disturbing hue. After the use of abusive…

CJP and Teesta Did What Any Real Citizen of India Should Words of Support from Bezwada Wilson

In this touching testimonial of CJP’s work with the marginalised, Magsaysay Award Winner and Leader of the Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), Bezwada Wilson, speaks of how the interventions of CJP gave destitute and distraught women in Gujarat hope when all else was lost.

Workers Protest in New Delhi

Mahapadav: Workers Protest begins in New Delhi

Today nearly 1,00,000 workers from across India are beginning to arrive in the nation’s capital as a part of Mahapadav, a protest against the perceived anti-labour and anti-people policies of the government. In an exclusive video interview to Citizens for Justice and Peace, Vivek Monteiro, Secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Unions, shares the various demands…

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