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Kavita lankesh

I hope I stand for peace and unity as my avva did: Esha Lankesh In the memory of Gauri Lankesh

Esha lankesh, daughter of Kavita Lankesh speaks about her aunt, her avva, on the occasion of 2nd anniversary of her assassination.             Related: Death of a Rationalist: Gauri Lankesh Our Gauri: A Tribute to Gauri Lankesh Gauri Lankesh laid to rest, but The Truth could not be buried Gauri Lankesh Murder Case: Chargesheet names…

My Sister, My Soulmate A poem by Kavita Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh fearlessly spoke truth to power. She stood up against injustice and discrimination. She strived for communal harmony until her dying breath. On the occasion of Gauri Lankesh’s birth anniversary, we are publishing a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute by her sister Kavita.   She raved, she ranted, Many times she burst out…. Uppercaste this… Brahmincal…

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