My Sister, My Soulmate A poem by Kavita Lankesh

29, Jan 2018 | Kavita Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh fearlessly spoke truth to power. She stood up against injustice and discrimination. She strived for communal harmony until her dying breath. On the occasion of Gauri Lankesh’s birth anniversary, we are publishing a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute by her sister Kavita.


She raved, she ranted,
Many times she burst out….
Uppercaste this… Brahmincal that…
At the inhumanity of it all…
At the injustice of it all…

Wait a minute…
Is it the same woman?
Who spoke soft words, and tenderly hugged
And embraced
Little kids,
The untouchables,
The Muslims,
The  women,
The minorities…
The Maoists..

Few Rabids barked she is a bitch,
some even called her prostitute,
just because she was single
and lived her life the way she wanted to…

But hundreds called her sister, thousands called her mother
a million now are saying
“We are all Gauri…”

She blasted when someone threw a
cigarette butt from the car window
Lest it would hurt a two wheeler rider…

Her house is a garden
Where many a snake wandered
And she would wait patiently
For it slither by,
Not stopping, not harming, not killing it
Waiting patiently for it pass and continue to live…
But finally a snake came which didn’t slither away,
A human snake
on a two wheeler
to stop the fire out of Gauri  …
and silence  her..

Silence Gauri?
Ha ha!! What a joke!!
She burst like sunflower seed
scattered all over
In India
And across the seas…
Now the silence is chanting ….echoing,  ..
“ We are all Gauri!!”


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